Sunstroke, commonly known as heat stroke, refers to an acute illness in which the body temperature of a person rises above 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius.
Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause Sunstroke.

Signs and symptoms of heat stroke include

-high body temperature

-the absence of sweating with hot red or flushed dry skin
-muscle cramps and aches

Treatment of heat stroke
-iimmediate cooling of the body by
placing the person in shade or an air-conditioned room

– by covering the person with cool evaporative mists or wet sheets with fans next to the person to increase evaporative cooling

-placing ice packs to the groin, armpits, neck, and head have also been recommended.

Heat stroke can be prevented

– by drinking fluids
-limiting exposure to heat
-wearing clothing that allows evaporative cooling
-recognizing the early warning signs of heat cramps and heat exhaustion and responding to those symptoms with treatment (cooling)

Warning signs or When to immediately see the physician

-feeling unwell after 30 minutes of resting in a cool place and drinking plenty of water
-not sweating even while feeling too hot
-a high temperature of 40C or above
-fast breathing or shortness of breath
-feeling confused
-a fit (seizure)
-loss of consciousness/
not responsive

Heatstroke can be very serious if not treated on time.

Homoeopathic Approch

Homeopathy for heatst is helpful for people who tend to get frequent episodes. In such cases, a detailed case taking and case analysis helps in the selection of the most suitable medicine. These medicines reduce the intensity as well as the frequency of episodes.

They are safe for all the age groups, have no side-effects, and are prepared using natural substances.

Remedies like Nat carb reduces the suseptibility of sunstroke caused by changing temperature ,Glonoinum , Gelsemium , Belladonna are another few remedies of great help.

Homeopathy offers support in restoring our body’s balance, health, and vitality. You must

Dr. Kajal Verma

seek professional advice from a fully qualified registered homeopath to ensure you are receiving the best possible treatment to help support you, make sure you visit a homeopath for guidance.

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