Eyes are the doorway to one’s soul! Eyes reflect mind, eyes reflect psyche, and eyes reflect HEALTH! No wonder homeopathy that caters effectively the ‘mind’ of an individual has lot to offer in problems of eyes. Eye is certainly one of the most delicate organs of the body and therefore, caring for eyes has to be done by an expert homeopath.

Conjunctivitis comes in four varieties: viral, bacterial, allergic and as a result of a foreign body causing abrasions. Physically the signs are often difficult to distinguish. Allergic

डॉ. काजल वर्मा

conjunctivitis would be bilateral, produce watery discharge and be accompanied by itching. The other conditions would probably start in one eye, the discharge would be thicker and more sticky and the pain would be more burning and stinging. But we mustn’t over-generalise and indeed the cause is not so important from a homeopathic point of view.

General measures 
The eyes have a great ability to heal themselves and conjunctivitis is more often than not self-limiting. It helps to bathe the eyes as often as possible with salt water ( a teaspoon to a pint of boiled and cooled water), or, if the eyes are especially “sticky”, a mixture of half milk to water, “sterilised” as above. Contact lenses should be removed and discarded if possible or at least thoroughly cleaned to prevent re-infection.

Aconite,allium cepa ,belladona , euphrasia ,puls are some of the remedies which can be helpful.


-General measures
Cleaning the eyelids helps to release the blocked duct. Obviously one must be careful, but my optician recommends gently wiping a cotton bud soaked in a solution of baby shampoo. It sounds frightening and stingy, but it works a treat. Remember it must be baby shampoo (it is alkaline as are the surfaces of your eyes).

Staphysagaria ,puls, euphrasia eye drops can be helpful.


Eye strain
-General Measures
Don’t do too much and whatever you’re doing, do it in good light! If you suffer from eye strain regularly it’s important to have your eyes checked by an optician in case you need glasses or are not wearing the correct prescription. The ones you can buy in many chemists etc are for short term use only. They do not replace the need for proper optical assessment

Ruta , gelsemium , euphrasia eye drops etc can give relief .



Cataract is development of haziness in the vision either partial or complete which gradually increases overtime. Cataract affects the lens of the eye and prevents light from penetrating hence obstructing vision.


*Diabetes and *hypertension of long duration
*Ultraviolet light e.g.: pilots are more prone to the disease as they fly at high altitudes continuously
*Infra-red radiation e.g..: glassblowers are exposed to infra-red radiation by virtue of their occupation



Loss of clear vision and haloes around street lights at night. In early stages only haloes around lights at night are visible. The symptoms gradually advance causing loss of clear vision finally leading to blindness.



Research has proven that statins given to patients at risk for age related nuclear cataracts (central) delay the process of cataract formation. Anti-oxidant use has not been proven to delay the process of cataract formation.


Extra capsular Lens Extraction: In this procedure the lens is removed and the capsule is left intact. The process is completely safe.Constitutional
Homeopathy is the most safe and natural mode of treatment for cataract. In the early stage, when the cataract starts to develop, Homeopathic medicines are known to retard clouding of the lens. They are equally helpful in restoring blurred vision. Thus, Homeopathic medicines help avoid surgery and its side effects such as infection, bleeding and retinal detachment. Homeopathic treatment is, therefore, beneficial for opacity of the lens and stops further progression of cataract.
Silicea ,mag carb ,calc flour , pulsatilla can be helpful.

Glaucoma is an ocular disorder that results in damage of optic nerve, associated with increased fluid pressure in the eye, i.e. intraocular pressure .

Persons who are at risk for glaucoma
– high ocular pressure alone is not deciding factor that person have glaucoma, but also the risk factors will decide the affect of glaucoma on person.The most important risk factors include:

-Elevated eye pressure
-Thin cornea
-Family history of glaucoma
-Past injuries to the eyes
-Steroid use
-A history of severe anemia or shock
-Individuals with diabetes and hypertension may also have an increased risk of developing open-angle glaucoma.

Signs for glaucoma:

-Unusual trouble adjusting to dark rooms
-Difficulty focusing on near or distant objects
-Squinting or blinking due to unusual sensitivity to light or glare
-Change in color of iris
-Red-rimmed, encrusted or swollen lids
-Recurrent pain in or around eyes
-Double vision
-Dark spot at the center of viewing
-Lines and edges appear distorted or wavy
-Excess tearing or “watery eyes”
-Dry eyes with itching or burning;
and Seeing spots, ghost-like images
-Sudden loss of vision in one eye
-Sudden hazy or blurred vision
-Flashes of light or black spots
-Halos or rainbows around light

Homeopathic constitutional treatment will take good care of glaucoma cases. As glaucoma is progressive destructive disease, with homeopathic medication complaints will reduce and it will arrest the further progression of disease without any side effects.
Belladonna,osmium ,physostigma can be useful.

There are hoards of homeopathic remedies useful in the treatment of various eye problems. However, one must remember that for constitutional eye problems like cataract, glaucoma, recurrent blepharitis or conjunctivitis, corneal opacities, and/or recurrent styes, one must go for constitutional prescribing after carefully considering the physical, mental, and emotional characteristic of the individual; then only it is possible to impart perfect cure.