Ringworm, medically known as ‘Tinea’ is a fungal infection of skin (dermatophyte) which can affect any part of the body. It is called, “ringworm” because of the circular and ring-like appearance of rashes on skin surface. In layman language, it is also known as “Daad.” Ringworm is a very common skin problem now a days and cases of Ringworm are increasing. It is a contagious skin disease and may spreads through contact with the infected person.

Symptoms of Ringworm/Tinea
Symptoms depend on the type of fungi and location of affected part.

-Ring shaped skin rashes
-Scaly patches that may expand nearby
-Itching of skin
-Rashes with pus, in some cases
-Darkening of skin of the affected part
-Tenderness or pain of affected area
-Itching and burning in the infected area

Causes of Ringworm/Tinea
Ringworm is mainly caused by a particular fungus that rapidly grow in a moist area, perspired parts of body and on any injured site of body like nails, scalp or skin. Trichophyton, Microsporum and Epidermophyton are three different types of fungi that can cause this fungal infection. The fungi which infect the skin in this way are known as ‘Dermatophytes’.

Tinea capitis (scalp) –
Tinea faciei (face) – Fungal infection of the face.

Tinea barbae (beard) –
Tinea corporis (body)
Tinea unguium (nails) –
Tinea cruris (groin) –
Tinea pedis (foot) –

Prevention of Ringworm/Tinea
To prevent the Ringworm/Tinea infections, one has to maintain the proper hygiene.

Follow these simple steps, and you can prevent the fungal infection or Ringworm or Tinea: –

*Avoiding direct physical contact with the infected person.
*Avoiding sharing the personal belonging of infected person or avoid touching them.
*Never sharing combs or hats.
*Avoid touching the pet of an infected individual or any pet with a bald spot.
*Infected pets should be treated promptly.
*If you need to share any objects such as remotes, computers, keyboards, cell phones, etc., used by any infected person then always use sanitizing wipes.
*Whenever you use public facilities (e.g., gyms, public restrooms, phones, etc.), wash your hands always.
*While using a public gym or locker room, always wears shower shoes or sandals.

*Homoeopathy for Ringworm or Fungal infection is strongly recommended ,and is very safe & effective and totally side effect free.

The aim of homeopathy is not only to treat Ringworm (Tinea) but also to ensure to stop the recurrence of this infection.
Sepia , tellurium , rhus tox , sulphur may be some remedies of choice.

Always consult an expert homoeopathy physician
as ring worm is very stubbern disease even after complete removal it can reappear but with perfect homoeopathy treatment we can completely cure it.

Dr Kajal Verma
Medical officer ( Homeopathy)
ESI hospital , Jodhpur

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