It is summer holidays for school children and some of the families would either go out of station or stay in Udaipur and look for utilizing holidays for learning something creative that they can replicate in their own homes without much training.

One such art is Lippan.  Lippan art is a clay art form and has its origin in Kutch in the State of Gujarat. Traditionally Lippan is made by adding mud and cow dung and done on the walls. Application of this mixture keeps the interiors of the houses cool.

“Before this art becomes extinct and vanishes from India, it is important that more and more people learn this traditional art and use this art to decorate their homes. It is an excellent hobby for children and even adults. This improves their concentration, design ability, colour combination, precision and is gainful utilization of holidays” says Archana Kaushik, who hails from Delhi but has been settled in Udaipur for the last 10 years and has been teaching Madhubani and now Lippan art.

Archana says, “I also learnt it for myself and now have started teaching to others. The curiosity to learn this art is more in females, and of all age groups. I have my students ranging from the age of 6 to 55 years of age. Udaipur has a lot of potential and people are also very keen to learn. Generally, you would be able to make a good piece for yourself in 3-4 days’ time.

Archana provides all the material including the board, mirrors, colours, and other tools. She believes in teaching students through practical approach. Make the work easier and interesting is her mantra.

“Once I am convinced of the design ability of people, I encourage them to work directly on the board. I show them samples and see what is more exciting for them. And rest, their interest drives them. They may feel it is difficult, but actually once you start doing it, the interest is so much that the accuracy comes on its own. You don’t want to do a bad job. The piece they make is their own and they are allowed to take it as a memory”, says Archana.

 Lippan is a decorative art done by common people mainly women. Lippan is done inside Bhungas or mud huts in villages of Kutch, Gujarat.

This is very true. But with time one has to find ways of promoting this art and make it more popular. I have done Lippan not just inside my Studio but outside also. Generally, Rebari women make birds, trees, animals, peacock, human figures etc in Lippan but in today’s time, we can make anything that excites us. There is no dearth of ideas”, says Archana.

(Archana Kaushik can be reached at +91 77420 88999)